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The amazing “N’Arrow Message” produced by each attendee at The Wisdom Thesis Workshop!

Wisdom Thesis Workshop Attendees Denver 2013

Wisdom Thesis Workshop Attendees Denver 2013 – Brian Johnson, Martin Wales, Vickie Helm, Robin Helm, Joel Comm, Rick Butts, Ryan Eidson, Debbie Owens, Jonathan Kraft – Awesome!

We’ve just completed The Wisdom Thesis Workshop in Denver, and the results were nothing short of transformational, according to the 8 smart people who were there. The Wisdom Thesis Workshop is not a seminar. Attendees do not sit and watch a speaker read PowerPoint slides.

If you were in this small group program you are immediately immersed in a highly interactive experience, and everyone does a great deal of writing, producing specific results in the following areas:

  • Your unique solution for an identifiable group of people – with money
  • Why “How-To” products and their creators are buried in noise, competition, and unable to demand top prices.
  • Why other methods of creating books, speeches, products and media/marketing are basic, boring and rely on a lot of hype or advertising to sell them.
  • Why your ideal customer cannot see or hear you – and what to do about it.
  • How to create your “N’Arrow” Power message – better known as “Your Effective Mechanism for Piercing Your Ideal Client’s Awareness”
  • How to open your book and speech and instantly engage your ideal clients
  • How to create a book title (and seduction sequence that sells the book from the cover) that grabs your target client – even if you are only speaking about it.
  • Much more…
Rick Butts Wisdom Thesis Workshop

Rick Butts goes deep into the wise person concept and the psychological drivers that attract clients to you when you accurately earn this status – a major focus of The Wisdom Thesis Workshop

How to Create Your Buzzy Book & Killer Keynote Speech With the Following Powerful Characteristics:

Attracts Your Target Client

Establishes Your Credibility

Demonstrates Your Style

Calls Your Ideal Client to a Profitable (for you) Action!

Here’s a brief outline of what we cover

Day 1

Clear goals of each attendee

How the Wisdom Thesis is the Modern Alchemy of Idea Marketing (Introduction to the book The Wisdom Thesis)

The Problem – How do you get ideal clients who have no idea who you are to pre-discover you already positioned as The Wise Expert

The “N’Arrow” – Your effective mechanism for piercing your ideal client’s noisy paradigm and awareness

Who is the Wise Person? – The psychological drivers behind becoming – and languaging that you have a “Unique Solution for your Ideal Client”

The Unique Solution for an Identifiable Group of People – With Money – the goal of the entire workshop

The Wisdom Thesis – overview of the 5 Steps

Examining the Existing System – how to look deeper at how your ideal clients are solving the problem now and to explode the details where the power to create your new solution can be discovered.

Find the Fail Point – using the Wisdom Thesis tools to find where the Existing System breaks down – and where the big unseen opportunity lies.

Ask the Shadow Question – going beyond the surface ideas that 99% of all your competition stop at. This section uses the Wisdom Thesis exploration model for finding emotionally charged Fail Points that will excite your ideal client – and position you as The Wise Expert.

Create Your Theoretical Solution – The Stephen King creativity model applied to business – this is an intensely interactive activity – but the hard work yields power and brings it all together.

Create Your New System – Overview of the whole design model that creates your products, book, speech and marketing media.

HOMEWORK: Create and prepare to deliver your Wisdom Thesis and defend it in front of the group!

Day 2

The morning session is power packed as each attendee delivers their Wisdom Thesis. The group challenges their Theoretical Solution and gives contextual feedback. This is extremely powerful as the system gives us all a clear track to understand the new concepts. Each attendee get tremendous reinforcement on new ideas that work – and if there are weak points – we all pitch in and power them up.

The rest of the day is an intense application of each Wisdom Thesis to:

The Killer Keynote speech

The Buzzy Book

Your Marketing/Media/Introduction

Producing Expert Unique Products and Content

Does the Wisdom Thesis Workshop – uh – Work?

The consensus of every attendee was that the workshop was more than just a couple of days working on a new idea, it was a transformation experience that produced their Unique Solution for an Identifiable Group of People – With Money. Even more, they all learned to use a unique tool for creating articles, books, blog posts, media, marketing, speeches, training, workshops and more – as often as they wanted to – forever!

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  1. says


    Without Wisdom Thesis, I’ve been floundering for the last two years, trying to figure out how to synthesize and crystallize my knowledge into something tangible.

    As a result, I’ve been frustrated… a lot.

    Coming to the Wisdom Thesis workshop in Denver was the most important thing I’ve done in 2013, and likely will be the catalyst for a pretty amazing future. It’s only been 4 days since I attended, but I’m figuring out why I’ve felt frustrated. I haven’t been able to express my thoughts and passions in a way that would translate into real financial rewards.

    Wisdom Thesis is helping me take who I am, all of the experiences I’ve had, and most importantly the topics I feel passionate about, and turn those into a system that I believe can truly change the world, while providing significant financial and social rewards for myself, my wife, and our future family.

    Thank you Rick!

    Jonathan Kraft

    • Rick Butts says

      Jonathan, it was incredible to watch you work straight through the business concept you started with – then the way you stood up and said “I’m angry about…” and then proceeded to lay out a whole new Wisdom Thesis concept in one roll!

      I won’t blurt out the idea you had at the workshop, but I do want to encourage you to take it seriously and pursue the implications of your idea – you really have something great buddy.

  2. says

    Hey Rick,

    Thanks SOOOOO much for the past weekend at the Wisdom Thesis!

    It benefited me personally for getting a clearer picture of what my “wisdom” is
    and perhaps, even more importantly, as a publisher who works with thousands
    of authors who want to share their message.

    With your amazing WT system and the actual step-by-step process more of
    our authors could share their “unique solution with an identifiable group of people
    with money!”

    This is just a quick note of thanks but I’m going to send you a video testimonial too,
    as soon as possible, in hopes it serves others to understand that your Wisdom Thesis is
    something they MUST consider if they truly want the success they seek.

    Again… wow! And, much appreciation,

    Martin Wales
    President, Paradise Publishers Inc.

    • Rick Butts says

      Martin, we’ve been friends for a long time. I really appreciate you taking the time to fly all the way from Toronto and be a part of the program.

      Hey, it was a bit warmer in Denver, though, right?

      You rock buddy – more good stuff soon.

  3. says

    You’ve heard Rick explain it before, but you haven’t experienced the full metamorphosis of the Wisdom Thesis until you attend a live workshop. Join other wise people and collaborate together as you develop your own profitable idea. Do everything you can to get the next workshop on your calendar. This is the best small-group business event you will ever attend!

    • Rick Butts says

      Ryan you are a treasure my friend. I knew you were smart, but now after working with you directly in the 2 day workshop, I know you are kind – and cool!

  4. Vickie says

    Hello Rick

    Just wanted to drop you an note and tell you how amazing the Wisdom Thesis workshop was. It was so fantastic that both Robin and I are working out the details so we can attend again in March….

    I can’t tell you how much more certain and grounded I feel about what I am doing. The Wisdom Thesis is one of the most powerful business development tools I have. I have been so excited since the workshop that I cannot stop thinking about it. I just keep working the process and discovering….its sooooo very cool.

    Thank you so much for developing it and sharing it with Robin and I. It really is one of the strongest single edges I will ever have in business.

    Big hugs and thank you so much


    • Rick Butts says

      Vickie you really kept me on my toes at the workshop, and because you had such a clear business model and so much progress it was great to be able to run the Wisdom Thesis ideas through your existing business, thanks!

      Looking forward to seeing how you apply all the ideas you both got in the workshop.

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