Why I’m Moving All My Writing to Amazon Kindle


The numbers are staggering and the opportunity for writers is unparalleled in human history. When ebook sales exceeded physical book sales a couple years ago on Amazon.com they didn’t just creep up, they blew by like the road runner leaving Wiley Coyote (traditional publishing) in the dust!

I’ve been looking for the best way to move forward, affiliate program, merchant account, shopping cart, fulfillment, viral marketing for lateral sales, and there it was, staring me right in the face – Amazon.com lets me just write.

And, while I knew this before, I never really saw how the pieces of the puzzle fit together on Amazon, to make a lot of money. It took an epiphany from a kiwi named Geoff Shaw to wake me up – and tell me the most important part – exactly what to do.

Shaw has created the single best educational program I’ve purchased online in years, and if you are a writer, or wanna be one, you simply have to stop whatever you are doing and grab this powerful resource and dive in.

This wildly underpriced treasure of content and specific how to for big league, sustainable success on Amazon is called Kindling.

To get Geoff Shaw’s amazing Kindling Course click here now

What I Like Best About The Amazon Kindle Training Program

I can’t find a photo of Geoff Shaw, so I don’t know if he is ugly bugger or handsome as Brad Pitt, but I want to give him a hug. We are brothers of different mothers because he tells the truth, from experience and pulls no punches about failed strategies, and lightweight quick-money sprays that IMers have been touting – and instead relentlessly beats one idea loud as a drum – BE GOOD and WRITE GOOD BOOKS!

Everyone is looking for an easy button, a cheap hack or shortcut, and guess what, in the digital reality we find ourselves in now you can’t get away with that crap for more than a few minutes. Amazon is the biggest retail platform and if you publish junk – everyone will know it quickly – and we will hate you for wasting our time.

He also makes it clear that Amazon has been purging PLR and public domain turds from it’s pages faster than Lindsay Lohan gets arrested. The recent 2000 word brain fart outsourced erotic fiction books strategy is being clobbered as we speak. Amazon is serious about quality. (Sorry to use turd and fart in the same sentence, but it had to be done.)

It would be easy for Shaw to just fuss about what doesn’t work and then throw us some new strategy to go out and try – but he doesn’t do that. Kindling gives you precisely clear proven strategies that he and his customers are using right now to generate scary amounts of money from:

Fiction, Romance, Erotica, Recipes and of course non-fiction how to books as well as a new type of non-fiction book model he has created and perfected that is so easy you don’t really have to be a writer to put together one of these truly useful resources, and profit from it.

Why Did Rick Butts Buy (and Study the Kindling Course)

That’s an easy question, I am an American living in the Eastern European country of Ukraine, and my big goal is to make 100% of my income in a non-linear (no appointments, no phone calls, no schedule) passive revenue business model that leveraged my creativity and writing skills, and let me delve into a variety of topics far afield from speaking, writing and marketing, that I am known for now.

Geoff promised he’d show me that in the program and man did he deliver!

I’ve got the Kindling membership site open at least 2 hours a day when I’m online, because it’s my swiss army knife of answers and how-to’s and doggone it, there are some really inspirational success stories, not boasting about Paypal screenshots

Should You Use a Pen Name?

Have you have suffered the “who am I?” PR/Branding identity crisis? Have you ever wondered if you should just publish some of your work under a pen name? Well, my friends I”ve seen the light and the answer is YES!

Shaw shows you precisely what to do to grab a hot market and maximize it with multiple books for the same target reader, and the back end marketing solutions (like should each pen name have a blog? Twitter account? Disguise? Decoder Ring?)

The course wastes no time in idle narcissistic navel gazing about how or what to do. I hate courses where they tell you “here are 5 email auto-responders, here are the pluses and minuses, and you choose what is best for you.” Fooie! Tell me what you use and why and exactly what you do so I can do it too and forget about it and get back to writing GREAT BOOKS and making money – and living the author lifestyle. Pass the borscht!

I’ve got 5 pen names, and mapped out a strategy for maximizing the books in all 5 markets (hey, one of them IS Rick Butts, and he has put 5 books on Amazon already – see the sidebar of this site?)

John Locke’s book about selling a million ebooks on Kindle was cool and very motivating. He told us he created a fiction series where one character returned again and again for adventures, and that by pricing his books at 99 cents the reader, fed up with paying $10 for the latest hardcover fiction book digitally, thought, “hey it probably sucks, but it’s only 99 cents” – then as he said – I’m no Steven King, but my books don’t suck. A lot of people return and buy them all. With 10 books in his series he gets your $10 a wee bit at a time.

Great strategy, right? But he didn’t really tell us how to do that. Or show us examples of others who were doing it. He didn’t give us videos that show us how to search on Amazon.com’s amazing resource site for marketing research. He didn’t give us interviews with people who were doing it – what they had learned and exactly what sold – price points and how to market.

Geoff Shaw’s Kindling course gives you all that – and a ton more.

To get Geoff Shaw’s amazing Kindling Course click here now

Formatting Your Ebook For Amazon Kindle

I was pulling my hair out – and that must be done with tweezers at this point – trying to figure out the best way to create my books, and then publish them in a format that would upload easily into the KDP publishing website so it didn’t look like bad code. I’m a Mac guy and was using pages, then Open Office, and trying Google Docs, and all my ebooks were different. They did have one thing in common, they looked crooked and janky on a Kindle Reader.

Geoff covers, with a clear written and video tutorial, the divine simplicity with which even a luddite like me could easily convert all 14 of my books into a dandy format, that published clear and clean on KDP – using FREE SOFTWARE!

Now I use the same free resource to write all my new books – and amigos – I’m writing up a storm now that I know where it’s going and what to do with it. My inner writer is having a blast and my creativity has never been so high.

Geoff Shaw Personally Answers Emails – With Real Answers!

Forget pesky support forums or the customer frustration systems most people use. Geoff invites his customers to simply email him our questions. I am midwestern by birth and would rather limp forever than ask for help unless the bone is sticking out – but I gave in and asked Geoff the dreaded format question – and sent him a screen shot of my janky output in the Kindle Previewer. He replied as soon as the sun came up down under and even followed up to help me.

Being able to email this guy, with his experience and know how, is easily worth the crazy low price of the course alone.

What Else is in Kindling?

Everything. No, really, everything. I was going to publish the Table of Contents here on my blog but thought I may get in trouble, but you will be blown away by the amount of topics covered – oh yeah – I almost completely forgot.

The Kindle Launch Formula

The original course was Geoff’s Kindle Launch formula, a specific highly effective strategy for putting a new book on Amazon Kindle and getting it to rise in Amazon’s rankings, right to the top, where buyers searching these categories will see it whilst they surf and buy it. When you hit this positioning in your market the numbers can be crazy good!

The entire Kindle Launch Formula is inside the Kindling Course, as is a ton of other great topics to inspire and educate. This course is a solid value and if you don’t get your money’s worth from your first few hours of going through the material – you should forget writing completely.

Geoff’s style is no-nonsense, except there is some non-sense. I still don’t know what some of the New Zealander words mean but I can guess that a waffle is not a good thing for your book to be. And a wanker, well, you know.

You may not like the basics style of the audio player, and you may wonder why some of the written content more resembles a sales letter, until you realize you are actually LISTENING and READING and remembering what you hear and read. Geoff has a background as an effective copywriter, and his writing and his teaching is direct, to the point, and spot on perfect for me. He just tells me what to do and not do and constantly, I mean constantly, repeats his mantra of writing good stuff, that will make you money for years.

To get Geoff Shaw’s amazing Kindling Course click here now

An Actually High Functioning Facebook Group!

When you pay the pusillanimous one time price to join Kindling, you will also get added to the Facebook group for the course, This is the best Facebook group I’ve ever been a part of. These are really cool working writers, from beginners, to experts, who are talking about what they are up to, sharing resources, and having ebook fun, getting all mavericky and stuff up in there.

Where Does Rick Butts Go From Here – and Why is He Speaking About Himself in Third Person?

I’m converting all my books into Amazon Kindle format books and lining them up into sales funnels. I’m an experienced internet marketer, (the good kind) and I am using Geoff’s very “now” strategies for using my books to sell other books, my courses or training materials, and to capture the reader’s email address as a highly targeted lead – and offer them affiliate opportunities that related directly to their interest.

“Biscuits and gravy Dr. Marvin. Dr. Leo Marvin” – from What About Bob?

To get Geoff Shaw’s amazing Kindling Course for a one time low price – click here now

Please leave your comment below if you have purchased Geoff Shaw’s Kindling course, or your thoughts on the ideas and strategies (and humor) in this article. Thanks! Rick Butts

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  1. Zana Hart says

    If I were to write a review of Kindling it would be very much like yours, except that since I am working on cozy mysteries, a genre where a potty mouth is bad news, I am trying to write cleanly everywhere. I’ve bought a ton of how-to info over the years, and this is one of the best.

    BTW, my husband went to Ukraine on a citizen’s diplomacy thing a long time ago. Fun to think of you living there. We lived in Mexico for 5 years, still working online, now are back in the US.

  2. says

    Thanks Zana – I tried to reply to you right after I read your comment but I had so much trouble with the Disqus plugin I had to disable it and throw it in the trash. It wouldn’t recognize me and let me comment and I am the owner of the site!

    What is a cozy mystery?

    I’m dying to know…

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