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  • Hand Drawn Whiteboard Megabundle Mega collection of Hand Drawn and Whiteboard art for internet marketing sales videos, presentations and sales pages.

The first time I opened up the VideoFX Software I fiddled around with it – and then just made this video in about 10 minutes!

Click here to get this amazing video “builder” now at a terrific price!

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OH yeah, here’s a link to Video FX Logo


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  1. says

    “Rick just ‘kicked my butt’ with this great presentation. He sent me an email with the offer included for the VideoMakerFX yet didn’t appear to have an example on his site! The dude, even though he’s been very busy with moving lock, stock and two smoking barrels to a farm just pulled the above post out of the back ‘cos I kept him up late – he delivered – so I’m off to get my copy” – Gary

  2. says

    Hey Rick, I got this when you first told us about it and I LOVE it! Have started making little videos for myself, and even hope to use them for future clients. Thanks for telling me about it. Lots of great training available too, at no extra cost.

  3. Rick Butts says

    Yes Deborah, I have been really impressed with how crazy easy it was to make an ANIMATED video. The hand drawing thing is in there and does a lot – anything you can type it will write – and there are a lot more animations that I’d expected.

    I think that using this type of highly professional video production as introduction to speaking and “talking head” videos will really help our stuff stand out. Yay!

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