Born Under a Bad Sign – Cancer Tumors in the Back – Radiation Therapy and Where’s the Cannabis?

 2014-10-20 17.14.57

The 3rd night trips to the emergency room during the holidays finally revealed in a CT scan that the chronic stabbing pain in my chest, then my back, was not a heart attack looking for a man to happen in. Turns out, I have a compression fracture in my spine, causing indescribably pain and getting progressively worse – but why?

The oncologist, an eternal optimistical/pragmatist opined that this was not caused by cancer tumors, but as the ER doc said, it’s got to be caused by something.

Got an MRI on Monday and got the bad news on Friday afternoon that it IS 2 cancer tumors smashing nerves in my upper back and causing paralyzingly hard pain.

They added an extra strength, time release morphine pill to the oxycodone and kicked up the steroids to help with the swelling and inflammation – and scheduled me to go in to the cancer center and talk to the radiation doctor on Monday.

Radiation – No Chemotherapy

I’d had such a toxic reaction to chemotherapy after the first session, I refused further treatments. Since it was not curative anyway, just designed to give me some extra (suffering?) time – I felt I was better off seeking an alternative or taking the results of the disease as they come – without the harsh punishment of chemo which kicked my Crohn’s Disease into volcanic digestive (non-digestive) flames.

Radiating your face – (my cancer is squamous cell carcinoma that started in my throat – perfect for speakers!) is a huge problem with a lot of side effects – while radiation of a tumor in your back seems not only safe but fast acting and with few side effects.

Relief Yay! But, Do you Have a Cure in that Sack Santa?

Thanks to many of my FB friends who have sent me all sorts of alternative cures, mostly involving long term nutritional changes, veganism, boosting certain elements or vitamins etc, and elimination of animal protein and dairy (I love animal protein and dairy – no you don’t get it – LOVE LOVE LOVE ‘em!).

I’ve been sent links to machines that pulse lights on you and are supposed to work miracles – and all of them have sworn testimonials to that effect.

My worry about nutritional stuff is that it will just take too much time to try. The lump on my neck, or El Lumpo as I’ve named him, disappeared like a rabbit in a hat trick after the first chemo session but in 2 months he has returned and appears to be nearly the same size already – a bad sign.

The tumors or lesions on my back must be growing FAST as the pain came quick and intense and is now so bad I can barely stand, move, or even breathe without sharp stabs. I’ll get the radiation as quickly as I can – but do I have time to eat veggies and juice toward a cure?

Cannabis Oil and the Rick Simpson Protocol

The most encouraging thing I’ve seen in alternative healing – and the one that appears I would actually do it and see it through – comes from someone who isn’t even selling it.

Rick Simpson, a Canadian who discovered that oil derived from normal but high potency marijuana/hemp plants in a pretty simple alcohol soak and boil off distillation, works miracles. There’s that word again.

He’s been giving this oil away as well as the recipe to make it for free for years, until the Canadian government practically drove him out of Canada – he is now in Europe working to spread the word but still not selling the oil.

Simpson has been battling a series of interlopers, like his web guy who hijacked his content and put up multiple Facebook pages and apparently “co-authored” some books for Amazon using Simpson’s content and adding his name – to drive traffic to sites that sell an oil – because people are so desperate to get their hands on what appears to be a lifesaving/lifechanging miracle solution to more than just cancer troubles.

You can learn more at Rick Simpson’s website

I live in Idaho.

Idaho is right next to Washington State, where all ranges of cannabis is/are legal. You an buy hemp products here 1 of 2 ways. If you love government and taxes you are really going to love this.

1.     You can go to a doctor who specializes in qualifying people to get medical marijuana cards, get an exam and then get a card and a prescription for the hemp product that will assist you in your ailment.

2.     You can purchase for entertainment purposes through a non-medical store.

The card costs about $142 but you have to show a state of Washington ID which I do not possesses as I do not live in Washington State, but you get to purchase through a dispensary for a lower price than recreational, and the dispensaries have a wider range of products – including the oil that (allegedly) has the necessary THC and CBD cannabinoids to effect the cancer cures.

So as a non-resident I need to go buy a ½ lb of “bud” or raw material, and make the oil myself in order to get the “right stuff.”

They say it takes about 90 days to get a full result. This means I’d visibly see “El Lumpo” start to get smaller and go away – as well as other tumors and all cancers in my body. From what I’ve seen, the preponderance of evidence as well as my own responsive to just the one chemo treatment – this is entirely plausible – and at this point it is the only other card I have to play for survival.

I Need Your Help

I’m trying to get some work done, re-releasing my 3 main digital products on keynote speaking, creating a highly effective non-fiction book, and the Wisdom Thesis Project, but frankly it’s been really difficult to write and even focus on these drugs and the pain.

I need the money to purchase the necessary “bud” (which sure costs a lot more than the hippy days in the 70’s!) as well as financial support for the time of the treatment.

If you feel so led to support this effort, I’ll be very grateful. (I started to say you’d have my undying gratitude but that one doesn’t really work – how about eternal gratitude? 8-)

You can donate through my Cancer Fundraising Site at

Or if you need to use Paypal only – you can donate directly to me by going to

Please shoot me an email if you donate through Paypal and let me know it was you as many of us use business or admin type emails and unrecognizeable business names and not the personal name I know you as when using Paypal.

ANYONE who has used the Rick Simpson Protocol please weigh in for me and let me know what you know – and of course thanks for your prayers and encouragement – each mention on Facebook or email cheers me up a lot and keeps me in the game – something that is difficult to do considering the situation I’m in now.

Thanks and God Bless,

Rick Butts

The Paper Template Plugin – Fight that Icy Emotional Constipation!

I use Robert Plank’s Paper Template as much if not more than another other WordPress Plugin in my toolkit – he’s really improved it and added a ton of features for a crazy low price anyone can afford. 1. You get all the legal pages you need to protect your content, privacy policy, terms of service, and more all created automatically with your personal business info just by filling out your info one time. 

The primary function of the original plugin was to solve the “how to put up a clean high-converting sales page” on a WordPress site without messing up the look and feel of a nice theme for other pages and blog posts. I use it a lot on my main blog site – but then it became obvious that you could install WordPress, the Paper Template plugin and be making money, gathering optin-leads, all the valuable functions of a page on the web for authors and speakers.

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I was just updating to the most recent version of the Paper Template Plugin and felt compelled to share this with my readers as a break to the medical stuff and because I truly believe that for most of us who speak and write – that TECHNICAL OBSTACLES keep us from executing and making money.

A website that looks like a simple letter with a headline, subhead, testimonials, basic clear graphics that support a highly focused message – converts!

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Seriously, I’ve probably made more money as a direct result of using this plugin (along with Wishlist Member to fulfill the product)

(here is an example of a page I created pretty quickly with Paper Template – and it has served me well – check out )

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Grab the Paper Template tonight, install it and check out the content and strategy rich video training in the members area and put SOMETHING up for sale online tonight and run it through Paypal, then tell people about it – and break the icy constipation waiting until you can create some low-converting masterpiece sales page.

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Wait for it?




When I create a product first I’m tempted to make it so big and fat and robust and full of everything including the kitchen sink – but when I write the sales page first – even before creating the product – it forces me to define what I’m offering – and to strongly consider what the Target Client Really wants – and this always shifts, changes, clarifies, and simplifies what I will actually create – and it converts better.

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Here is the link one more time: 

Love and hugs,

Rick Butts

Cannabis & Cancer Update

Hello...? Is there anybody in there?

Hello…? Is there anybody in there?

So much has happened in this story, so fast, I felt it was time to fill in the blanks and give you, my friends and clients, an update – and put my decision to refuse chemotherapy and radiation in context. I’m not trying to kill myself but, well, read this and you’ll understand.


Rick’s Diagnosos Metatstatic Squamous Cell Carcinoma Cancer – Stage 4. Average patient lives 1 year if they get chemotherapy & radiation.

CLICK HERE for GiveForward Fundraiser for Rick’s
Alternative Cancer Treatment

NOTE: If you need to use Paypal instead of credit/debit card go here:

At First it Was a Curable Lump on My Neck – But Then the Petscan Revealed…

The PETScan revealed multiple tumors in the lower half of my body, and on both sides. This is what they mean when they say metastasized.

The worst was a very large mass that had silently destroyed my left hip. The oncologist ordered me to use crutches, put no weight on it, and 4 days later I had emergency surgery to have a metal rod put in from my hip down my femur to avoid a fracture in the weakened hip.

Diagnosis Changed to Stage 4 Terminal – 1 year to live IF I take chemotherapy and head and neck radiation.

1 year to live IF you take chemo and head and neck radiation…

What would you do?

Well, I was in shock, but, I reluctantly agreed to have the chemo treatment

2 weeks later – Halloween Day Friday, October 31st

I walked into the Kootenai Cancer Center in Post Falls Idaho to begin what the oncologist called the Big Guns hard punch of maximum chemo with 3 drugs – including the powerful pig Sysplat.

I spent Saturday and Sunday extremely ill and by Sunday night I was unable to sleep, awakened by overpoweringly terrifying nightmares and plagued with deep nausea, dehydration, pain, and brain fog.

Since I already have Crohn’s Disease (inflammation flare ups of the digestive system that runs from the mouth to the – well – the end) I was in complete flare up mode and suffering a lot – and brain fog turned me into a dizzy mollusk with no brain.

More chemo was pouring into me through a pump and chemo bag I was to wear until Tuesday.

By Monday I was back in the Cancer Treatment Center where they immediately took the pump off and discontinued giving me the cocktail, gave me 3 bags of IV solution for total dehydration, and ordered new anti-nausea medications.

I just got worse and Tuesday when I returned for my IV solution, they sent me immediately to the hospital in Coeur D’Alene, Idaho.,,,,,

After a week in the hospital of not being able to eat, constant hydration they had me on morphine injections, tincture of opium, and FINALLY they offered me a drug called Marinol – the THC psychoactive element in Marijuana to stop the nausea – it worked!

For the first time I was able to eat food, began to cut back on the other medications and felt like I was going to survive this thing.

Then I Looked Down at My Hip Surgery Area and Saw…

A big Grand Canyon Sized hole where a scab used to be. The chemo had weakened my ability to fight infection and I’d developed a staph infection in the hip surgery area and the healing/scab part there that was doing fine – just fell out.

They rushed me back into surgery to clean out the wound, put a wound pump on it and started me on an elaborate antibiotic – and I got sicker.

2 days later they did a colonoscopy on me and found that I basically looked like I’d had volcanic lava poured through my digestive system – the combination of the chemo on my Crohn’s Disease had devastated my entire system – -even though I was able to keep food down – from there on things were not going well.

Conclusion: NO More Chemo!

Don’t come around here no more – whatever your’e looking for – don’t come around here no more.

I finally got out of the hospital after nearly 2 weeks, and though I was originally scheduled to get more chemo by then I was in no condition to do so. I was told to simply rest and then we’d see how to proceed when I felt a little better.

I decided NOT to resume chemotherapy. Even at a reduced dosage I felt I simply could not continue. And, really, what for?

If I have a year (or at this point 10 months) to live, why spend 2/3 of it in the throes of torturous chemotherapy and we hadn’t even gotten to the radiation bit – burning my face and neck.

What To Do Instead? Alternative Treatment

Now, 2 months later, I have been able to rest and bought a Nutri-bullet and started juicing – and looked at the most popular alternatives and learned TONS about a lot of things the professional medical world doesn’t want you to know about.

The one I’ve found that appears to be the most likely to help me – is the Rick Simpson Protocol – utilizing a certain type of cannabis oil. The problem is that this is only legal to buy in 2 states in the US. I happen to live 1 mile away from the Idaho/Washington State line – so I’m working on finding an “opportunity” to get what I need from there.

* Thanks to all my FB Friends who have suggested all sorts of education, therapy, and treatment options. This is the one that appears to be my best best and suits me the best.

The Rick Simpson Protocol has cured hundreds – perhaps thousands of people with different types of Stage 4 cancer. Cured, not just slowed down.

GOOD NEWS – LUMP DISAPPEARED! Bad news, it’s coming back…

The chemo knocked out the visible lump on my neck, it literally disappeared. This told my oncologist that my cancer is very responsive to treatment – a good sign. But now only 2 months later it’s grown back enough that it’s visible to anyone who looks at me.

Why I Am Fundraising?

Give Forward:

Paypal Donation Page:

During the whole last 2 1/2 months I’ve barely had enough energy and concentration to run my Wisdom Thesis GOLD coaching group – and generated no income.

Due to living in and out of the United States and Ukraine over the last 2 years I did not have health insurance and had to wait for Obamacare to open up again and get signed up anew. I did this and now my coverage for health insurance will start Feb 1, 2015.

In the meantime I’ve created huge medical bills from multiple CT Scans, tests, and lately 3 trips to the Emergency Room for a compression fracture in my upper spine, they say this has nothing to do with my cancer but it is extremely painful and complicates everything. Hopefully the cannabis treatment will help with this chronic back pain.

So here’s why I’m raising money:

  • Pay Medical Bills
  • Provide living expenses
  • Pay for alternative treatment
  • Give me the time and space to write

My friend, I feel I have some important books still inside me, and I really want to create them – some non-fiction (The Wisdom Thesis etc) and a couple of series of fiction books that are clawing their way out of me – please write us!

I would rather take a caning than ask for help. My generation is not good at it and my basic work ethic is to NEVER ask for help, but when I pray about all of this the one thing that keeps coming to me consistently is this…

“Rick, let the people who love you – help you. And, you must humble yourself and ask…”

So, I have reset the total fundraising goal to $10,000, and will be emailing this out to my clients and friends, posting to Facebook and I humbly ask that you help me any way you can.

Any amount is helpful, trust me, it adds up.

You can also become a Fundraising Partner and Tweet or Facebook out this link and give others a chance to participate.

I had more than a few friends tell me that they needed to wait until after the Holidays and New Year to be able to make a donation – so perhaps this will be a good time for you.

My Faith – Not a Pollyanna But…

At first when I got the news, I thought it was all over. I thought I would get sick quickly since I was already weakened by the Crohn’s Disease and that I would likely not live out the full year.

When I got such devastating reactions to the chemotherapy I was convinced this was the end. I only allowed one person to see me in the hospital, and she could not return as she said looking at me she was certain I would die in there – and not get out.

Thankfully she didn’t tell me this – but I felt it already.

Now I have a different glimmer of hope. The cannabis therapy seems to really suit me – and the more I learn about it the more amped up I am about getting started – should get started this coming week with the help of my Washington State friends. 8-)

I also have this super strong feeling about my work – the books – the Wisdom Thesis and the Speaker Training. I feel that I at least will be granted the time to do this work – and not in a debilitated fragile state – but in a healthy state that allows me to feel the full power of my personal creativity and knowledge – the Wisdom Thesis is a calling and sorry if this sounds egotistical but I feel that God gave this mission to me.

I believe He will sustain me to get it finished for all the amazing speakers, writers, inventors, creators and entrepreneurs who need a tool to help them create their “Unique Solution for an Identifiable Group of People – With Money” and that using this gift – the Wisdom Thesis – YOU WILL CHANGE THE WORLD.

Thank you very much for reading this – and for your generous gift.


1 – If you need to use Paypal you can donate directly through Paypal by going to

2 – If you want to contribute your internet marketing type skills – social media – website creation – etc to help me get my products out – just shoot me an email to

Thank you from my very soul. I look forward to reading your comments on my Facebook site at

The Hedgehog Principle

SPECIAL MASTERMIND AUDIO! Click the play button to listen:

Jim Collins’ Good to Great book is a classic Buzzy Book – it has all the characteristics we look for:

1. Attracts Your Target Client
2. Establishes Your Credibility
3. Demonstrates Your Style
4. Calls the Reader to Action

Here are my insights on the concept of the book structure, (Collins based the book on what sounds like a horrifically boring platform – statistical data analysis – could you do this?) and 2 chapters:

  • Good is the Enemy of Great
  • The Hedgehog Principle

Statistical Data Analysis – Are You Kidding Me?

If I rang you up today and recommended you read a fat book based on the statistical data analysis of a dozen or so companies that significantly outperformed the stock market, I’m going to bet that you would not rush off to buy it and lock yourself in a room for 3 days to scour this weighty tome, distilling the empirical factoids to find a competitive edge for your business. Would I be right?

But, I’m also going to bet that this fictional experience wasn’t needed as you are already not only familiar with Jim Collin’s Good to Great book but have either read the whole book or at least a handful of the key chapters.

Que the voice of that movie trailer guy…

“In a world…” where it feels like everyone is pitching how to write a book in a weekend (the big business card) or how to write a book in a day, or a fortnight, my next big launch will be “How to Write a Book in a Nanosecond.”

I can just hear the hitch hiker serial killer in Something About Mary shouting – you can’t put out 6 minute abs – nobody works out in 6 minutes – it’s 7 minutes SEVEN MINUTES!

What if the missing ingredient is you actually writing a really GOOD book?

What if you wrote a book that did the four Buzzy Book requirements above and earned you the respect and power of your target audience, one that you could sit proudly behind at an autograph table – or get through a 1 hour interview with a professional journalist on a business television show – and people would recommend THAT video on YouTube in the tens of thousands of views?

What if you could take the core idea in your Buzzy Book – and spin of a powerful, in-demand keynote speech as well as 2-3 other books with more niched down applications of the main idea and applied it to a hybrid target market and you got – rich and powerful?

I call this Stealing the Ball – and Jim Collins did it with a book based on statistical data analysis.

And, you can too.

Silence of the Butts

Rick Butts CT Scan photoand if I ever lose my mouth, all my teeth, north and south,

and if I ever lose my mouth, I won’t have to talk no more.

Friends, I’d rather write about most anything else, but it’s come to this. If I don’t tell you what’s going on now it’s going to look pretty strange around here – and strangely silent.

You are probably not going to hear my voice for 2-3 months. Here’s why:

I will begin chemotherapy treatment on Monday October 6th for 7 weeks & radiation treatments 5 days a week for 7 weeks

I’ve been diagnosed with squamous cell carcinoma in a swollen lymph node in my neck. 3 years ago I got the same diagnosis after they removed a lump on the other side of my neck, but cancer cannot start in a lymph node and they were unable to discover the source.

(To read about the epic near death experience I had post surgery check out my post

This time they found the source in a microscopic group of cells where my tonsils used to be decades ago.

The Ear, Nose, and Throat surgeon didn’t want to remove El Lumpo as it’s wrapped tight around the big artery in my neck, and because he believes that if I take radiation and chemotherapy treatment, El Lumpo will “melt away” and they source will die, too.


I thought I was out of the woods after 3 years cancer free, and I won’t lie to you, I’m taking this pretty hard. It’s extremely inconvenient to get sick, and my calendar did not have a place for 2 months of radiation and chemotherapy.

The last 5 years I’ve struggled with a mysterious chronic fatigue, anemia, and a difficult arthiritic pain in my whole body. They thought I had Crohn’s Disease and after taking Plaquinil for 2 years, they one day decided, “nah, that’s not it.” But, they never decided on anything else. They did diagnose me with Crohn’s Disease, so I’ve got the joy of dealing with that in my spare time.

Cancer is Not Enough?

Seems like I’ve spent much of my life in the dentist chair since I as a farm boy growing up without flouride or much passion for flossing. So, they have not just recommended, but insisted that I have the rest of my bottom teeth extracted before they begin treatment.

I repeat, I am going to have to have all my healthy bottom teeth removed – and I am not allowed to get implants or any kind of dentures to wear during the 2 months of treatment. I’m in shock about this because I don’t see how I’ll be able to talk without bottom teeth.

The radiation is supposed to wreak havoc on my throat anyway, and most people end up with a feeding tube as they cannot swallow and lose interest in food as the treatment destroys the taste buds and saliva. So, from their perspective I will be taking some time off from chewing anyway.

As I sit here typing this I’m really searching for what to say – or spell. I won’t be able to make audio or video content, and it’s unlikely I’ll be able to do phone consulting, or do the coaching sessions in the Wisdom Thesis GOLD mastermind group.

I’m going to be limited to what I can write.

The Wisdom Thesis, The Speaker Machine & The Buzzy Book

Strategically, it’s clear to me that the way forward for my business is based on my greatest discovery, The Wisdom Thesis. I’ve created a new business name Wisdom Thesis International LLC, an Idaho Corporation (that brings the state of Idaho up to nearly 100 businesses now!)

Since my primary function in the days ahead will be to type and move my mouse, I’m gearing up to deploy a full business site at This will serve as my primary business site, and the launch point of the new book The Wisdom Thesis – In Search of a Darn Good Subtitle.

The site will provide licensing for The Wisdom Thesis, certification for facilitating the model in consulting, and products and services for the 2 primary functions empowered by the WT – the Buzzy Book and my course on paid keynote speaking, The Speaker Machine.

My Big Discovery About Writing

Recently, I wrote a couple of articles for the members of The Wisdom Thesis GOLD Facebook Paid Group. The articles were both on topics I’ve covered in The Speaker Machine and Buzzy Book, and from my perspective the ideas were not really new but a restatement of principles, techniques, and strategies I’ve talked about many times.

Some long time members of my programs are in the GOLD group, and they remarked at how much easier the written version of these strategies were to understand. Looking back on them I think they are right!

So, I will be adding a good deal of new and useful content as I re-release these programs by adding written companion material, exercises, tools and graphics. This I will be able to do in lieu of going back and adding more audio or video – and I believe this is going to make these already good programs even more solid. With the written material they will be easier to actually implement and follow.

The Days Ahead

So, I invite you to check out what I’ll be producing in the days ahead, and take this opportunity to rest up from hearing my voice and seeing my face on video. Thanks in advance for your support, as always, and of course, I am grateful for your prayers and kind words. I’ll need them.


When You’re Running in the Wrong Direction, More Speed Won’t Help

running in the wrong direction“When You’re Running in the Wrong Direction, More Speed Won’t Help” is a quote I developed around the idea that most people initially believe the answer to nearly everything is to just try harder. When it isn’t you end up making this worse.

When I was a long haired rock and roll musician traveling the highways of our land it happened more than a couple of times that I’d get off the road to refuel or resupply, and then get back on the highway in one of those ultra-flat areas of the US like Oklahoma, or Kansas, or Winslow Arizona and accidentally go the wrong direction.

From the second I made the fatal error I was driving back East instead of West to Las Vegas or LA – running in the wrong direction. Pushing the gas pedal harder will not increase my success, or pull me our of a slump, it’s just making things worse.

The Difference Between a Great Manager and a Great Leader

In the “7 Habits of Highly Successful People” Stephen Covey talks about the difference between a manager and a leader.

Envision a team of workers trying to slash through a heavy growth jungle. As they sweat and toil and flail away the manager makes sure they all have plenty of water and sharp machetes. He helps them continue to press and stay productive, tracking their progress and refining the work.

The leader is the one who takes a ladder and climbs above the tallest tree, and shouts down, “Wrong Jungle!”

When we operate on assumptions from the past, outdated information, or even from fantasy and illusion, it’s easy to blame our own performance and suspect that if we just hit it harder we’d get better results.

“To a man with a hammer, everything looks like a nail.” Abraham Maslow

I’ve been accused of bailing on projects from time to time – and it’s true that I have. I simply refuse to ride a sinking disaster all the way to it’s final resting place on the bottom. I’ve had my share of hanging ons – usually for co-dependent reasons, embarrassment, or fear, or the crazy hope that SOMETHING was going to float this deal, and it sucks to hit bottom.

As one business friend said about bankruptcy. The problem is when you hit rock bottom, you don’t just hit the bottom, you go so much further down that zero! This refers, I’m sure, to going wildly in debt for our sins and failure to recognize and ACT on the truth in time.

So, before you:

Take it up a notch

Hit it harder

Get a bigger hammer

Pour more money into it

Focus 110%

Step back and consider the reality of what you are trying to do, how you are trying to do it, what your assumptions will be about what will happen when it’s done, and if you might even be in the wrong jungle this time.

When You’re Running in the Wrong Direction – More Speed Won’t Help!


Have you recently avoided a disaster or calamity by seeing things were going wrong?

Are you pushing really hard now on some project – and wondering if it’s really going to fly? Why?

Please tell me in the comments below. I read them all and I’ll give you my 2 cents.

How Does Your Website Look on iphone, iPad, Android and Tablets?

Last week I had a very special guest on The Catalytic Companion Coaching Club call – WordPress Custom Child Theme Designer Rachael Butts is not only a talented professional, but she is my own custom creation (aka daughter.)

So many of my clients had questions about how to get their websites to look good on smart phones, tablets, and other non-traditional computer monitor screens that I asked Rachael what she knew. Turns out – a lot! This is a great interview that gives you a chance not only to find out what a “responsive wordpress theme” is – but what to expect and how to talk to your WordPress designer to get it to do what you want.

We look at some really interesting websites and try to focus on the “visibility professional” or idea entrepreneurs like writers, speakers, consultants and media personalities who need to look GREAT online and also need the flexibility and ease to publish our ideas. Please leave your comments or questions below for Rachael Butts and then beat feet to her website to see her amazing gallery of designs and creations.

rachael butts rick butts wordpress responsive themes

Rick Butts with Rachael Butts in the studio before the interview

Rachael Butts is a custom WordPress designer who specializes in creating custom child themes.

She is a featured designer for Woo Themes, for Studio Press’ Genesis Themes and is also a featured writer for SteamFeed and Code Poet.

Check out her design gallery and great blog at:

Rachael Butts on Facebook:

Rachael Butts on Twitter:


Meet Me at Robert Plank & Lance Tamashiro’s Product University LIVE

Join me for Product University!

June 7-8, 2014 Salt Lake City Marriott at City Creek
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robert plank lance tamashiro rick butts

Now we’ll explain social media traffic using interpretive dance…

I’m really excited to be joining Robert Plank and Lance Tamashiro at Product University LIVE, a 2 day training event in Salt Lake City Utah, June 6-7, 2014.

As you already know I am a BIG fan of Robert and Lance, and use several of their products and have made a LOT of money with their great training products. When I heard they were going to do a LIVE event that was just a short hop away in Salt Lake City, I signed up.

The hardest part of being in any business today is GETTING NEW CUSTOMERS. Everything else is doable. You can write your book, create your speech, make your products and setup a dandy sales funnel, but, here’s the big question:

“How do you get people who have never heard of you to see what you are about, like you, and trust you enough to buy from you, when they are already busy?”

The answer is – learn to get traffic.

I’m a civilian (attendee) at this program, but I’d love to see you there and kick around ideas about online marketing and in particular driving massive traffic, which these guys do and I’m eager to learn more about in these turbulent changing times.

Click the link below to find out more about the program and if you register to go, please let me know as soon as you can!

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Join me for Product University!

June 7-8, 2014 Salt Lake City Marriott at City Creek
75 SW Temple, Salt Lake City, Utah 84101